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Twins Flower Growers

SPACE: #42

PHONE: (760) 476-9303

FAX: (760) 476-9310

OWNERS: Jose Antonio Mendoza, Antonio Mendoza Jr., and Tony Mendoza

STAFF: Carmen, Adali, Veronica, Cresendo, Luis, Rene, Hector, Miguel and Dan

BACKGROUND: Twins Flower Growers & Shippers is a family owned and operated business since 1979. Owners Jose Antonio Mendoza, Antonio Mendoza Jr. and Tony Mendoza concentrate on growing large volume, keeping quality a top priority. Consistency and value is what we've grown our business on. We drive to bring the best quality flowers to the customer.

PRODUCTS AND SPECIALTIES: Bouquet fillers such as Sinuata Statice, Seafoam Statice, Queen Anne's Lace, Sunflowers, Caspia, Larkspur, Stock, carnations, wax flowers and many more seasonal items. With over 500 acres of open field, 26 acres of green house in full production year round, flowers are able to be cut and shipped on the farm daily.


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